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Is your Company Equipped for Success?

A company’s ability to achieve its objectives is directly impacted by decisions made on the front-line and the availability of objective and timely management information to senior leadership.   We provide organizations with the skills, tools, and Internet technology to make better, more informed management decisions.   We educate front-line leaders to utilize objective, short-interval time management principles and equip them with Internet-based planning and control tools.

The APQC Consulting Group offers a simple, low-cost way to enhance cost, quality, and service awareness throughout the organization.

Our approach instills accountability and keeps managers engaged long after our initial assignment is completed through:

  • Easy-to-use Internet-based planning and control tools.
  • Real-time availability of information.
  • Customized, clear, and concise performance reporting.
  • Time proven, short-interval time management principles.
  • Internal standards and measures.
  • Personalized implementation programs to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Train-the-trainer curricula.
  • Individualized follow-on support.

The APQC Consulting Group understands what it takes to succeed.

Success in today's global market is more than stating an objective and it is more than the tools or instruments used to gauge that success.   Success comes not with the use of measurement devices alone, but with the understanding of what the measurements mean and how to use that knowledge to predict and grow your business profitably in harmony with quality and service.

We measure our success by helping companies:

  • Develop management strength at the front-line.
  • Instill confidence in your management team.
  • Determine meaningful standards and measures.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Refine processes.
  • Improve quality and service.
  • Decrease costs.

The APQC Consulting Group delivers bottom line business results.

Corporate Meeting

APQC Consulting Group's proven MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is a merger of extensive industry knowledge and the use of today's technology to:

  • Focus on core business practices that impact organizational costs, quality, and service.

  • Facilitate an environment of discovery and develop front-line management confidence.

  • Identify and communicate best practices and opportunities for improvement.

  • Empower decision makers.

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